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Buy your own eBike, comes with free smile! They are practically effortless and fun.

Complete bikes, conversion kits and accessories.


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“Two words … fun and convenient”

“Your bike bring two words to mind; “fun” and “convenience”. I’m somebody who values the environment highly and tries to avoid using a car as much as I can. Your bike has allowed me to effortlessly access ‘too far to walk, but silly to drive to’ places, like the beautiful Ngarunui Beach or Manu Bay. And those bikes can go! I love the pick up, and the assisted peddling means hills are no sweat. Thanks guys – electric bikes have opened me up to a whole new world of cycling.”

- Merren Tait, librarian and ‘plastic free’ pioneer

“Exploring made effortless …”

“I don’t own a car so by using the eBike it helped make exploring far easier. From Raglan town on the bike, the surf beach was within easy reach and I didn’t even break into a sweat getting there! Because of the battery assistance I had more energy to do more exploring than I would normally have done on foot. I loved the cute crate on the back – just perfect for a picnic and large enough to carry something home for dinner!”

- Jenny McGuire, Raglan