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Rental Rates

$25 per hour

$40 for 1/2 a day

$60 for the whole day

$250 for a week

Bike Specs

  • A powerful motor to help you into winds and up hills
  • A battery big enough to keep you moving
  • Helmet & Lock included
  • Standard & smaller size versions available

Explore Raglan

Cruising around on your electric bicycle is an incredibly fun way to explore the sights of New Zealand’s funkiest little sea-side town. From Beach to Wharf via the shops and cafes its easy! No sweat and no parking dramas.

Cruising around on your solar-charged bicycle is an incredibly fun way to explore the sights of New Zealand’s funkiest little sea-side town. From Beach to Wharf via the shops and cafes its easy! No sweat and no parking dramas.

Where to Cycle

Raglan is a truly stunning place with plenty to see and experience. Here’s our top picks for your cycle adventure:


Pedal down Bow Street, with lots of stops around town. Start off with Matapihi Gallery at 34 Bow Street, then make your way down to The Shack, Raglan’s busiest café on the corner of Bow Street and Wainui Road, for a bite to eat. Jet Collective is just next door for some shopping.

You can cycle right up to Raglan Roast in Volcom Lane for one of their famous brews of coffee, and stop to chat for awhile with friendly locals or play a game of chess.

Back on your ebike, head down Wallis Street (right off Bow Street) for 1.2 km until you reach the Raglan Wharf. On the weekends there is often live music here, and it’s a good spot to watch locals fishing, boating, and eating fish burgers. Browse the Tony Sly Pottery shop, or pick up some handmade leather sandals from Soul Shoes.

Head back down Wallis Street, and turn right at Bow Street – you’ll see the Raglan estuary there, where you can cycle over the bridge to the park. Cut through the camping ground to get on Marine Parade which leads to Wainui Road – turn right and pedal up the hill, making sure to stop at the Raglan West Store on 45 Wainui Road for some authentic Italian gelato or maybe a slice of pizza.

Beaches & Surf

From the Raglan West Store, it’s a 3 km cycle to the Raglan kitesurfing beach, on Ocean Beach Road. Take a right onto Riria Kereopa Memorial Drive off Wainui Road, and follow that along until you hit Ocean Beach. It’s great spot to watch the kite surfers doing tricks on the waves, and kids flying kites. Another 2.7 km along Wainui Road and you’ll reach Manu Bay, home to Raglan’s legendary left-hand break. There are plenty of places to sit, relax, and watch surfers riding the waves.

From Manu Bay, you’re a 1.3 km ride until reaching Whale Bay – just follow Wainui Road again and then Calvert Road at the roundabout. This is one of Raglan’s popular surf spots with waves wrapping around rocky shores.

Mt Karioi Foothills

Get closer to Raglan’s majestic mountain Karioi and enjoy the view. An easy 30 minute, 10 km roundtrip through the forest along Te Hutewai Road.

From Bow Street, cycle along Wainui Road until you spot the left-hand turn onto Te Hutewai Road. You’ll enjoy some great views of the harbour, town, and of course Mt Karioi. Perhaps you might like to pack a picnic in your Solar Cycle’s crate for when you reach the top of the road. Or maybe reward yourself with some amazing Handmade Italian gelato on the way back? You'll find that at Raglan Roast's 'Food Department' in Raglan West.

Got some Cycling Questions … Talk to Us!

If there’s something you’re really keen to see in Raglan, let us know. We’d be happy to advise you about distances, shortcuts, or anything you need to keep in mind.

Rental Locations

Where can you find us? All over Raglan at the moment and in more towns soon!

iSite Raglan

If you need to know anything about Raglan, these are the people to ask! Te Aronui Maihi and her team will be able to tell you or tell you who knows. Have a look around the museum then get on your eBike to visit the people and places you've just learned about.


Raglan Electric Bikes Solar Trailer and Nissan Leaf

Our Pop-Up eBike shop and Solar electric powerstation can visit you if you want. We can bring 12 eBikes for your event. Its fully self contained with CO2 free electricity and eBikes wherever you want...provided there's a road to it!

If you're close enough we'll even tow it with our electric car. No CO2 in sight :)